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European Aesthetics with Natural, Non-Invasive and Pain Free Treatments. 

Welcome to DMK Skin Centres

A New Skin Care Experience

Looking for a choice between the dermatologist and the spa? DMK Skin Centres is changing the skin care experience by combining the quality and expertise of European aesthetics with natural, non-invasive and pain free treatments. Botanical based and cruelty free products with professional advice from trained skin therapists.


What Our Clients Think

“Quality service with a wonderful atmosphere. What could be better? The ladies that did my treatment were very kind and knowledgeable. I literally just walked out and couldn’t be happier, my skin already feels 10x better. Can’t wait to see how it feels tomorrow! Check this place out for sure!”


“Amazing service, friendly and uber knowledgeable about products and the best part-affordable with great results, already have my next appointment booked.”


“As someone who has always struggled with my skin, I was thrilled when I stumbled across DMK Skin Centres! All the products are botanical-based, and transdermal. I noticed a difference in just a handful of applications in combination with the treatments – and after using their products for several months, my skin is completely transformed!”



DMK Skin Centres wants you to have beautiful healthy skin and is dedicated to supporting you to achieve this goal. This blog is a great resource for info on skin conditions, skin tips and current events with DMK.

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