Dry Skin? You might need to exfoliate.

Dry skin is a common condition for many people. Environment, age and season can all contribute to dry skin. When someone comes into our skin centre and says they have dry skin the first question we ask them is usually “When was the last time you exfoliated?”, often the answer is “It’s been awhile”. The reason we ask is that one of the main causes of dry skin is dead skin cell build up. The skin cell cycle is about 28 days and all that dead skin cell material will build up on the surface, clogging the pores and not letting the skin’s natural oils (sebum) flow. Once this dead skin cell material is removed then the oils flow freely and usually that solves the dry skin issue.

Exfoliation can take many forms but the best is natural acids like AHA or BHA, enzymes are of course very effective too and typically better for sensitive skin. DMK Skin Centres does not promote mechanical exfoliation as it tends to be too harsh and difficult to be consistent or uniform across the area.

The following is some DMK treatments & products for exfoliation.

Enzyme Exfoliation
DMK Signature Enzyme Treatment
Micro Peel Express Treatment
Quick Peel Enzyme Pre-Treatment

Micro Peel
Exoderma Peel
Max Micro Peel Home Kit

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