Enzyme Pre-Treatments

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DMK pre-treatments target specific areas of concern or skin conditions and are performed prior to the DMK Signature Enzyme Masque

$49            30 min


Skin Detox

The natural Sea Salt component works to remove toxins and free-radical causing pollutants from the epidermal layers of the skin and its rich source of minerals and potassium assist in the prevention of infection.

Quick Peel

Cinnamon Bark and other botanicals are used for a gentle peel to the surface layers of the skin, encouraging blood flow, oxygenation of cells and a balancing of skin tone and texture. Fragile capillaries and rosacea benefits greatly from this procedure by strengthening the cellular structure.

Quick peel
Sebum Soak

Sebum Soak

Formulated from Sea Kelp, DMK Sebum Soak softens hardened sebum and oils in the epidermis and loosens blackheads. It makes it easier to extract and hopefully with less discomfort for the client. Great for acne or enlarged pores.