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7 different targeted treatments that address common skin concerns and types. Great for busy people or regular skin maintenance.
$49         35 min
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Organic Facial
The Organic Express Facial features Jusu organic skin care, handmade locally in Victoria, BC. 100% natural and infused with enzyme-rich pulp extracts, emollient oils, herbs, vitamins and antioxidants. Cleanse, masque and finishing cream.

Breakout Buster_
Need some help with your fight against acne? This treatment exfoliates, cleanses, absorbs excess oil, and moisturizes. Revises the function of your skin—not just the surface.

Enzyme Lift & Renew_
Recommended for those whose skin is showing the effects of aging. This treatment provides superior exfoliation to reveal a glowing complexion. Fight free radicals and nourish to ensure your skin is fresh and soft. Designed to revise the firmness and elasticity of the skin

Lighten & Brighten_
Concerned with brown spots, sun-damage and uneven skin tone? Lighten and Brighten is designed to brighten the surface of the skin and inhibit the production of melanin.

Maximum Moisture_
Constantly seeking more hydration for your dry skin? Maximum Moisture is designed to nourish skin by boosting hydration and working to re-establish barrier function.

Micro Peel_
Is your skin feeling dull? Want to attack fine lines and uneven skin tone? After a deep cleaning, we gently exfoliate, removing dead skin cells to restore a fresh, smooth texture to your skin.

Oil Control
Is excess oil your biggest problem? We deep clean your pores and balance your skin’s pH. Regulates oil flow and reduces oil production leaving a natural look and feel without drying the skin.

Men’s Workout _

Men’s skin is different; its thicker, oilier and tends to be more congested. The Men’s Workout treatment will cleanse your skin, absorb excess oil and dissolve dead skin cells.